Architectural 3D Visualization


We create highly realistic 3D Renderings and animations making your projects look great.



FIXEL is a young company that specializes in High-end animations and renderings.
We center our attention in exploring each project in detail to realize all its creative and technical potential in order to meet the clients’ needs most accurately.
We work in a multidisciplinary and collaborative manner to achieve the best results in several fields, from architectural visualization animations to interactive walkthroughs. Our dedicated team is formed by enthusiastic and flexible Senior 3D Animation Designers who already have a great deal of experience in the industry.

At FIXEL, we embrace our clients’ goals and make them our own and work with them in a personalized manner. The interaction is based on mutual trust and constant feedback in the desire to make each project special in its own way.


3D Rendering

Definetly the best tool to visualize your projects. From the design stage, till advertising, a Render is always there.  

Virtual Reality

Live your project from inside. With Virtual Reality you are going to be able to see the project´s potential in full.


Make an impression. A cinematic 3D Animation of your project can make you stand out.


(CAD + H) = RenderRender * time = AnimationAnimation = Fixel = Solution(CAD + H) = RenderRender * tiempo = AnimaciónAnimación = Fixel = Solución

Posted by Fixel Studio on martes, 20 de junio de 2017

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Get in touch

Let us know about your project and we´ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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